This Coffee Table was built by Shawn when he worked at Higher Image Inc. in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. This Table was designed by Higher Image but Shawn built it while he worked there. It is all made with Cherry wood, but stained two different colors. Very unique design, but turned out very nice looking.





This Library area was built by Shawn when he worked at Higher Image Inc. This unit was designed by Higher Image but Shawn built this project while he worked there. This library was put in an area that used to be a big built in bird cage. This project turned out beautiful. It is made of Maple wood and stained dark brown.



Storage above closets. Painted to match the walls.

Shawn built this podium for Old No 1  in Morris, Minnesota.



Shawn built this dresser for himself and his wife. It is made of Hickory and Cedar, mixed. The doors and drawer fronts were custom built to incorporate the Cedar Paneling. So the panels in the doors and drawer fronts match the panels on the wall in the room.



Shawn's Gun Cabinet. He built this in High School shop class during his Sr year.



Shawn's tool cabinet that he built for himself.



Fun Fact. Shawn used to work for Aaron Carlson Woodwork in Morris, Minnesota. While he worked there he built a lot of commercial jobs. He worked on a lot of hospitals, malls, Jewelry stores, and restaurants. Some of the big places he worked on are the Mall of America, Mayo Clinic, Jackpot Casino, and so on. These strange looking wall units were for a waiting room for a hospital. Shawn worked on these with one other guy in the shop.


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