Wine Racks

This is a custom wine/ coffee bar SBC did for a home.14937390_687708991405517_5511932408976349839_nCustom counter tops. 14947439_687709004738849_5039760673049495395_nHidden mini fridge. 14925734_687709008072182_5834942498474938132_nHolds 15 wine bottles. 14915525_687709028072180_7688486938580334788_nPull out drawers for pop cases, water bottles or any needs your family may have. 14910466_687709031405513_1639278934208902801_nHolds 16 wine glasses. 14642249_677539572422459_7186353565073726557_n

Really cool and fun project to work on! I made the interior wine rack shelves out of the wood that I cut out of the barrel itself. This was made for Hinterland Vineyards in Clara City, Minnesota. Its current home is at Westside Liquor in Willmar, Minnesota.


Another Custom Wine barrel from Hinterland Vineyards.

These projects are very special when SBC woodwork does one. The barrel aged wine at Hinterland Vineyards in Clara City, MN which gave a plum coloring on the inside of the barrel. As well as a rustic coloring on the outside of the barrel from out MN winters.

15170766_697964880379928_3803677122156974478_nLED lighting changing to any color you’d like15134767_697964893713260_4538299955460439033_nHolds 20 bottles of wine. 15078730_697964857046597_5396584241282172026_n

Shawn built this wine rack to give away on his Facebook page to promote his business. It was a fun simple little build. Keep an eye on his Facebook page for more upcoming opportunities like this one!


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