SBC Woodwork Offers, but is not limited to the following:



-Home Offices

-TV Units


-Built In Furniture

  “The human hand, so delicate and so complicated, not only allows the mind to reveal itself but it enables the whole being to enter into special relationships with its environment… man ‘takes possession of his environment with his hands.’ His hands, under the guidance of his intellect transform this environment and thus enable him to fulfill his mission in the world.”  —Maria Montessori


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Meet the Owner:

SBC Woodwork is now serving Minnesota in the Willmar, St. Cloud and Twin Cities areas.

Shawn Berg, the owner, has had a passion for the woodwork industry since high school. As Shawn started off building for family, his passion grew and he found a “job” he loved.

Shawn loves the outdoors and working hard. One of Shawn’s favorite things about woodworking is the variety of furniture you can make from what was once a tree.

Why SBC Woodwork? Something that makes Shawn stand out from your typical cabinet builder is that he has worked in South Florida in the million dollar homes. Shawn is building you a hand crafted, high end style, in a small hometown Minnesota shop, at an affordable price.

SBC Woodwork is now available to build for you. Shawn is able to design from a picture you have found, or get creative and design himself. If it’s a small cabinet or an entire house, let SBC Woodwork give you a quote.

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SBC Woodwork would love to hear from you!

Contact Shawn today for a free estimate at 320-262-2305, or use the comment section below.

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